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“No Hydraulics” Barrel Grabber
Moving big barrels around is an easy job with this new universal attachment called the Barrel Grabber, designed to mount on a skid steer loader. Inventor Bob Bork says the patent pending Barrel Grabber is designed to lift, transport, stack or unstack, and pour. It uses heavy duty hinged wings that lock onto barrels by use of gravity.    

    “It works without hydraulics, or springs, which keeps the cost down,” says Bork. “Works great on both plastic and metal barrels – 30 or 55-gal. - but you can also use it with a variety of other containers including bins, garbage cans and plant pots.”

    The Barrel Grabber uses hinged orange metal brackets with a radius cut out between them that match the size of the barrel. Another set of 3 yellow hinges can be flipped inward to reduce the radius size in order to handle smaller barrels.    

    Two models are available. One quick-taches to the skid loader arms and the other slides onto a set of forks. Only the quick-tach model can be used to pour. “The combination of 2 different size hinged wings lets you handle 3 different size barrels,” says Bork.

    To use, the operator lowers the hinged orange wings over the top of the barrel until the wings pass over the desired ring on the barrel. The wings will fall down, and then automatically lock in place as the operator raises the Barrel Grabber.

    To release the barrel, he tilts the Barrel Grabber downward while backing up the skid loader, allowing the hinges to automatically open up.

    A winch and 4-in. wide tie-down strap, bolted into one corner of the Barrel Grabber’s frame, are used to pour. The operator wraps the strap around the barrel in a figure 8 design, hooking the strap up to the opposite corner of the frame. A metal rod is then used to tighten the strap.

    “It works good. I haven’t found a barrel yet that it can’t pick up,” says Bork.

    Bork is looking for a partnership with an established company to market and manufacture the Barrel Grabber. He expects it to sell for about $500 to $600.

    You can watch a short video of the Barrel Grabber on YouTube on www.farmshow.com.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Bork, 27408 Church Rd., Burlington, Wis. 53105 (ph 262 534-3994; bobbork.barrelgrabber@gmail.com; http://tinyurl.com/Lymwcvv).


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