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Automatic Aeration Makes Grain Storage Easy
You'll like this new automatic aeration control for grain bins that continuously monitors temperature in as many as 12 bins and automatically makes use of the best combination of outside air temperature and humidity.
The new computerized control can automatically aerate two different types of grain at once. "If you've got corn in one bin and soybeans in another, it'll maintain both at their individual recommended levels of quality. The unit is totally automatic so it'll adapt to different temperature and humidity levels anywhere in the country," says Glee Pearson of Pertech, Inc., the manufacturer.
The basic control unit can be used to handle 2, 4, 8 or 12 bins with the use of add-on expander controls. One or more temperature probes is used in each bin. A battery back-up system maintains the unit's memory if power ever fails.
Once in use, the computerized controls contain a "self-check" feature that tells the opeator at the push of a button how long the fans have been in operation, what the average air temperature and humidity have been during that time, the highest grain temperature recorded at each bin sensor, and the average grain and air temperature overall.
The Pertech aeration control, set up for control of as many as 4 bins, sells for $2,500. It can be remote-mounted anywhere on the farm for easy monitoring. It's part of a full line of natural aeration and drying equipment manufactured by the company.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pertech Inc., P.O. Box 289, Trimont, Minn. 56176 (ph toll free 800 824-7274 or, in Minn., 507 639-2411).

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