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Modification Fixed Bale Basket Problem
Sharp turns with E-Z Trail Bale Baskets can leave a bale plugging the basket chute or on the ground. Steve Schultz has a solution. He modified his baler’s chute to turn with the basket.
  “I disconnected the pan from the bale chamber and remounted it using a 3-pt. lift arm ball joint,” says Schultz.
  He first reinforced the bottom of the bale pan with a piece of steel, before welding a length of 3/4-in. (inside diameter) pipe to it. He left one end extended slightly past the front of the pan. He then welded the ball joint to the end of the pipe.
  Schultz bolted an L-shaped hitch to wagon hitch support brackets beneath the bale chamber. This let him secure the ball joint in place with a bolt and nut.
  “Chains running from the end of the pan to springs mounted from the upper corners of the bale chamber suspend the pan, while the ball joint lets it move up and down and to either side,” says Schultz.
  He keeps the pan turning with the Bale Basket with the aid of a 3/4-in steel rod that rides inside the pipe.
  “The rod was from a planter marker and had an L-shaped hook on the end,” explains Schultz. “I welded a round receptacle on the front of the bale basket and stuck the short leg of the rod in it. The other end slides back and forth in the pipe as needed, but keeps the bale pan tracking the bale basket.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Schultz, 7150 Scio Church Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103 (ph 734 662-8935).

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