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Old Kiddie Rides Back On The Market
If you remember riding on rocket ships, airplanes and galloping horses outside supermarkets or at amusement parks, you値l like Kiddie Rides USA, a company that buys and sells old-fashioned kiddie rides and more.
  適iddie rides, in particular horse rides, are so popular that we will soon be building new ones to meet the demand, says Gary Mandarino, Kiddie Rides USA. 展e will be the only company in the U.S. building rides with the vintage look. Unlike the old rides, these will be heavy-duty enough for adults.
  The rides can and have been customized. Owners initials have been 澱randed on horse rides, and rides have been custom painted in favorite team or school colors and had company logos added.
  Mandarino says the rides can be moneymakers as well, depending on where they are set up. He suggests charging 50「 a ride for walk-by traffic and 25「 if used inside a store where second rides are more likely.
  Rides are completely overhauled mechanically and rewired or reinforced if needed. Coin mechanisms can be adapted to specific coins or tokens or replaced by a push button for free play.
  The vintage rides don稚 come cheap. A carousel pony was recently priced at $2,495. Other rides vary from a big yellow duck at $1,995 to a Harley Davidson Springer for $4,995 and a 3-horse carousel for $8,995. The company will mount the fiberglass bodies from kids rides to chair bases with hydraulic lifts. Kiddie Rides USA also sells train rides, soda machines and commercial arcade machines.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kiddie Rides USA, 6401 Broadway Unit I, Denver, Colo. 80221 (ph 303 399-7191; gary@kiddieridesusa.com; www.kiddieridesusa.com).

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