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“Wireless” Traps Make Sideline Business More Efficient
With wireless trap technology it’s a lot easier to start a sideline pest animal control business. TrapSmart, developed by Tom Watson and Jim Burgio, sends a message to a phone or computer when an animal is caught.
  The cost of fuel and time spent checking traps is what inspired Watson to come up with the idea. “Our system is totally wireless,” Watson explains. A sensor connects to the trap with a lanyard clip so that when an animal is caught it pulls the clip out of the sensor to trigger the alert message.
  The technology makes it possible to reduce the time animals are in the traps and has been approved by several states where trappers are required to check traps every 24 hrs.
  The basic system starts at $495 for a control unit and sensor. Monthly service plans are extra. Besides cellular plans, TrapSmart offers a satellite option for those living in areas with poor cellular coverage.
  For pros covering a large area with multiple traps, TrapSmart Deluxe Plus uses cellular and satellite with GPS to show the exact location of each trap.
  Watson says he has a wide range of customers, from professionals who trap around airports, warehouses, or residential areas, to landowners who need to trap feral pigs or other wild animals.
  Alerts mean less time and energy spent checking empty traps so the trapper can get other work done. The alerts can also be customized to send reminder messages if you don’t respond immediately.
  The TrapSmart website includes more details about the systems.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TrapSmart, 20 Curtis Drive, Vernon, N.J. 07462 (ph 973 907-0280; www.trapsmart.com; info@trapsmart.com).

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