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Ever Had A $75 Steak?
Sometimes as publisher of FARM SHOW, I have to make tough executive decisions. Such was the case recently when I read the story in this issue (page 6) about Akaushi beef from Japan. Proponents of the ďnewĒ range-fed cattle not only tout the heart-healthy benefits of the meat, they also claim itís the best-tasting beef in the world. Iím not one to let a claim like that go untested so I decided I had to do a taste test.
  The problem is these animals are still rare in this country so a single ribeye steak sells for $50 - plus $25 overnight shipping from Texas. As I placed the order online, I figured out that maybe what makes this meat good for your heart is the price because my heart was racing. It wasnít easy for this farm boy to pay $75 for a single steak.
  It arrived in Minnesota the next day, packed with ice in a small cooler (see photo). It certainly didnít look like much in the box but that night, after about 10 minutes on a very hot grill, I took my first bite and realized it was really something special. The meat was well-marbled, very tender, and absolutely the best steak Iíve ever tasted. Melt-in-your-mouth good! I donít know if Akaushi beef is really better for your health than any other beef, but it tastes really, really good. If they can ever get the price down, I hope to have more of it.

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