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Screen Protects Tractor Cab Rear Windows
After a length of wire cable caught on a rear tire and smashed in a rear tractor cab window, Terry Jacob started working on a protective screen. Made from expanded metal, it sits above the fenders and behind the cab window. He expects it will block anything big enough to break the glass while not interfering with the rear view.
    “The cable caught on the tire and swung around with enough force to shatter the window,” says Jacob. “We’ve had other cab windows broken by objects kicked up by the tires of equipment. This screen protects the window and the tractor operator.”
    The screen is mounted on a framework of 1-in. steel tubing. Brackets mounted to each fender allow the screen to pivot into place or down for cleaning or opening the window. A rubber latch mounted to the bracket on the left fender locks down on a hook on the bracket to lock the screen in the upright position.
    Jacob built his first screens for his John Deere tractors with their flat rear windows and large corner posts. He is now building one for a Massey Fergusson tractor with its curved (and much more expensive) rear/side windows.
    The Deere screen is about 30 by 70 in. and weighs about 30 lbs. Jacob has had requests for screens and expects to price them at about $400.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Terry Jacob, 9317 SW 72nd, Sedgwick, Kan. 67135 (ph 316 393-7731; ruth1110@kanokla.net).

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