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Mobile John Deere "Smoker Grill"
Dale Clugston likes to say that his Deere lawn tractor cooks up both food and conversation, since he converted it into a mobile “smoker grill.”
    The barbeque grill mounts in place of the tractor’s engine. Power to move the mower is now supplied by a 12-volt electric motor and the battery out of an RV, which are used to belt-drive the hydrostatic transmission. A chrome diamond plate on one side of the grill helps dress things up.
    Clugston was a Deere dealer for more than 40 years, which inspired the idea.
    “It turned out a little better than I thought it would,” he says. “The motor runs the transmission at about half speed, but it still has plenty of power for driving around to a cooking spot or up ramps onto a pickup or trailer.
    “We can cook with this smoker grill anywhere we choose. Our favorite meats taste mighty yummy on our home patio for picnics or at camp sites with family and friends. I’ve even driven it in a Fourth of July parade.”
    He bought the 2005 Deere L120 for $50 minus the mower deck and engine. He removed the gas tank and installed the battery and electric motor in its place. A solenoid switch is used to engage the 12-volt motor.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale E. Clugston, 6072 Olde Scotland Rd., Shippensburg, Penn. 17257 (ph 717 263-1518; dandeclugston@comcast.net).    

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