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He Finds New Uses For Old Tire Lug Nut Wrenches
Iíve found that old tire lug nut wrenches, which you can find at any salvage yard or auction, can be very handy around my place. I heat the bend with a torch to straighten them out, then use them as picket pins for animals, pry bars, large spikes, drawbar pins, ground markers, and much more. Theyíre heavy and strong. Handy as a pocket on a shirt.
  After I finished wall boarding my house, I had a bunch of leftover pieces. I called the manufacturer and they said it was made up of gypsum, regular paper, and .003 percent captan, which is a commercial fungicide used in edible crops. So I laid the pieces down between rows in my garden. Made it easier to work the rows without tracking mud, and the next spring I tilled the deteriorated gypsum board into the soil, which was great to balance out the ph. I picked up more scrap wall board for the next year. (Paul Miller, Gardiner, Mont.; paul.j.miller69@gmail.com).

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