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He Uses AlumAseal Radiatoe Stop Leak For Slow Radiator Leaks
Roman Bontrager, Myerstown, Penn.: “I’ve had problems with slow radiator leaks on older vehicles over the years, but have found that AlumAseal Radiator Stop Leak Powder works great (www.amazon.com).
  “I needed to drill holes into a plaster ceiling in order to mount a row of lights. I was working in a clean area so I needed to contain the dust, chips and debris as much as possible. So I cut an old basketball in half and poked a hole through the middle of it with my concrete bit, and then drilled the holes in the ceiling. I pressed the half basketball up tight against the ceiling as I worked, and the dirt fell into it. No dust.
  “I mounted a used X-ray machine’s ceiling track in my shop. Where the X-ray machine had been mounted to the track, I bolted a double angle iron with an eye bolt. Then I hooked my shop hoist into the bolt. It works just like a miniature crane bay and lets me lift and move 500 lbs. the full length and width of a 10-ft. sq. area.”

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