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This Sprayer Works Like An Airplane
A new spraying concept that got off to a false start about 20 years ago is back on the market.
Called Sprayfoil, it uses air pressure and a special nozzle to atomize the spray solution into a fine mist which completely covers the top and undersides of plant and weed leaves.
"Since air rather than water is the main carrier, you get by with a lot less water, and with less chemical in most cases. We're finding that farmers who use Basagran, for example, are getting excellent control using half the usual rate for conventional ground sprayers. And, instead of 25 to 40 gals. of water per acre, the Sprayfoil only requires 8 to 10 gals.," explains Ray Stromswold, marketing director of D and W Construction, of Sioux Falls, S. Dak., manufacturer.
"Sprayfoil was originally introduced about 20 years ago by a firm in Minneapolis which went out of business soon after the new concept was introduced," explains Stromswold. "The patent was purchased by a firm out East which took Sprayfoil off the market. Our firm recently acquired the invention and, after making alterations, has it back in production. We've had 25 prototypes in the field this past year and expect to be in full production in early 1983," he told FARM SHOW.
"If you hold a regular water glass upside down about 30 in. below the boom, the inside of the glass will be covered with a light mist, demonstrating how the atomized spray material thoroughly covers the underside as well as the top side of plant leaves," Stromswold explains. "We feel the Sprayfoil fits those applications where it's important to get a fungicide, insecticide or herbicide on the entire plant. It's not designed for drop nozzles or other types of selective spraying where you want to spray weeds but not the crop itself."
Sells for $7,181.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sprayfoil Division, D and W Construction Inc., P.O. Box 834, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57101 (ph toll free 800 843-9887; in S. Dak., ph 800 952-0434).

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