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Medicine Bottle Parts Holder
Retired Illinois steamfitter John Gass says hes been working in farm shops since he was a kid. I grew up on a farm 30 miles from town, so when machinery broke down or we needed something, we learned to fix it ourselves or build what we needed, Gass says.
  His latest shop invention is a simple rotating caddy that has 16 containers to hold nuts, bolts and small connectors. The containers, which are old plastic medicine bottles, are arranged in rows of 4 on each quadrant of a 6-in. dia. pvc pipe. Theyre attached with screws and a 1/2-in. washer that hold the covers tightly to the pipe. His caddy rotates on a 2-ft. long threaded metal bar that extends through the pipe. Its held tight with double nuts against bearings bolted onto pieces of plywood on each end. Gass mounted the caddy on a simple metal frame thats secured to the wall of his shop. A handle on one end of the bar easily rotates the caddy to whatever group of containers he wants to open.
  Ive seen homemade caddies that use glass baby food jars with screw off tops, but the covers are made of lightweight aluminum and are easily mis-threaded, Gass says. When that happens, a person either has to find another cover or take it off completely. I made my caddy with medicine bottles because those plastic safety covers are virtually indestructible. Its a real handy place to store a lot of small pieces in my shop.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Gass, 153 Frog Hill Road, Franklin, Ill. 62638 (ph 217 370-8902; Jbgass50@gmail.com).

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