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Railroad Rail Used To Make Quick-Tach Hookup
Bernard Schalgel made his loader arm quick-tach railroad tough with actual steel rail on the loader arms. He can scoop up a bucket or other attachments fast with no fear of structural failure.
  The railroad rail wont bend or break, and I got it at a scrap yard for just $12 for the 2 pieces I needed, says Schalgel.
  Schalgel inserted pins in the bucket where the loader arms and the hydraulic cylinder rams for bucket tilt would normally attach. He measured the space between to get the right lengths for the 4-in. wide base rail segments.
  My son is a machinist and cut away one end of the rails with a laser cutter so they would fit in and under the pin for the cylinder rams, explains Schalgel. He drilled holes at the other ends to match the holes the loader arms would pin to and cut off excess.
  Schalgel mounted each 18 1/2-in. rail base between 6-in. wide, 1/2-in. flat plates. The flat plates were cut to 20-in. lengths to match the receiver holes in the bucket.
  I drilled holes in the plates so I could pin them to the cylinder rams and the loader arms, says Schalgel. I tapered the plates so the bottom of the rail segment would stick out a little more than the top for easier pinning.
  Schalgel pinned and clamped the plates in place with thin washers between the plates and the loader arms to allow a little give.
  I spot welded the rail segments in place, backed away and checked them, did some more welding, checked again and finished, recalls Schalgel. I welded lengths of angle iron between the inside plates for cross frames.
  Schalgel says the quick-tach works great. He simply hooks the top pin on the loader bucket or other attachment, picks it up and slips pins into the bottom holes. Hes ready to go.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bernard L. Schalgel, R910 State Highway 29, Athens, Wis. 54411 (ph 715 257-1856

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