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“Spud Spikes” Cook Potato From The Inside
Spud Spikes are 6-in. long, food-grade stainless steel “nails” that create a better baked potato faster, says Leon Frechette, C.R.S., Inc., Spokane, Wash.
  You insert the nail lengthwise into your potatoes before baking. “The nail allows heat to come in from both ends to the center of the potato so it can cook from the inside out. It reduces baking time by up to 50 percent,” says Frechette.
  The special spikes can also be used for brats and sausages. “They keep the juices in, stay straighter, and lay in the bun nicer once you remove the spike,” says Frechette. Spud Spikes can even be inserted into apples before baking and into meat to reduce roasting time.
  The company has also developed several gourmet seasoning rubs for the potatoes, including pepper, original blend, and garlic.
  “A potato baked with Spud Spikes gets evenly baked, and the seasonings deliver flavorable crispier skin. Your potatoes will taste like you want them to taste and not like they just came out of the ground,” says Frechette. “Spud Spikes are made from food-grade stainless steel, so they don’t leave black marks like an aluminum nail would. They’re made from the same alloy used in surgical pins and screws.
  “The skin is preserved so well that you can put the potato on an open plate with a paper towel over it inside your refrigerator, and it’ll keep for up to 2 weeks with a crispy skin.”
  A set of 4 Spud Spikes and a storage tube sells for $17.99 plus $5.95 S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, C.R.S., Inc., 1011 E. 29th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 99203 (ph 509 926-1724; crs@spudspikes.com; www.spudspikes.com).

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