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Roller Makes Center Pivot Roadways
Terry Jacob has converted a road packer into a field roller that turns center pivot fields from messy to neat. Pulled behind a levee-terracing plow, the roller with its hydraulic hitch makes flat paths in fields for pivot wheels.
  “The levee plow pulls the dirt up in a crown with the roller to pack the track down,” says Jacob. “The hydraulic hitch keeps the roller tracking the plow even as I get into the inner and tighter turning circles. Without the swing hitch, the roller would be trailing to the side and off the crown.”
  Jacob uses the plow and roller to maintain access roads to the pivot itself. He points out that getting to the pivot for servicing becomes more and more of a problem as the season wears on.
  “During the irrigation season, fuel suppliers or diesel or electric mechanics, depending on the pivot, can get back to the center and get out even when the field is being watered,” says Jacob. “Before I made packed service roads, I had to pull the fuel truck out many times. That’s no longer a problem.”
  Jacob does ditch and road maintenance for several local townships as well as for his own farm and others. He uses the levee plow to pull gravel and sand back toward the center of roads where it can be smoothened out by his grader in a second pass.
  He also uses the roller with the plow for fields that don’t have center pivots. He sets the plow shallow to pull up enough dirt for a road just wide enough for a semi.
  “Field roads like the service road to a pivot are great at harvest,” says Jacob. “They are an ideal place to park semis for load-out. It gets them off township or state roads and into the field where they can be easily loaded by the grain cart or combine.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TDJ MagAttach, Terry Jacob, 9317 S.W. 72nd, Sedgwick, Kan. 67135 (ph 316 393-7731; ruth1110@kanokla.net).

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