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Swather Converted To Post Pounder, Wire Roller
Delbert Logan of Carroll, Manitoba, likes the combination post pounder-wire unroller he made out of an old Massey Harris pull-type swather.

    He bought a new Shaver post pounder for $1,200 and welded it to one side of the swather’s frame, then added a home-built, 3 1/2-ft. wide wire roller on back. The tractor’s hydraulics operate the post pounder, and the pto operates a gearbox that chain-drives the wire roller.

    “I use it to build or take down fences on my cow-calf operation,” says Logan. “We bought another farm and had to get rid of an old fence that was in bad shape and then install a new one. The swather was retired but the frame was still good.”

    He cut off a 15-ft. length of steel tubing that originally supported the swather table, then mounted the post pounder on a home-built frame and bolted an 8-in. hydraulic jack sideways on it. The post pounder is free to slide 1 ft. in or out on a subframe, allowing Logan to get up close to the post.

    He used the shaft and bearings from the cylinder off an old Massey combine to build the wire roller. The shaft mounts on a subframe that’s bolted to the swather frame, and a pair of disk blades bolted onto both ends of the shaft hold the wire in. A sprocket attached to one end of the shaft is used to chain-drive it.

    “I couldn’t be happier with it,” says Logan. “I pull it with a Case 2290. It takes a tractor with good hydraulics to operate it. I’ve rolled up to a half mile of barbed wire on one spool. When the roller gets full of wire I drop it off and add a new sleeve for the next batch of wire. If the fence wire is still good I can roll it up and then use it to build more fence.

    “There’s room on the swather frame for storing up to 40 fence posts. I also bolted a homemade 3 by 2-ft. wooden toolbox to the swather frame where I keep fencing supplies.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Delbert Logan, P.O. Box 46, Carroll, Manitoba, Canada R0K 0K0 (ph 204 483-2018).

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