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Colorful Water Level Indicator
“It’s an easy way to check the water level in my stock tank,” says retired cattleman Brian Vigar, Lancer, Sask., about his homemade water level indicator.
  He uses it in a big rubber tire tank located next to a wooden fence. It consists of a float made from an empty 40-oz. plastic (or glass) bottle with a 1/2-in. dia. wooden dowel attached to it, which rides up or down inside a 5-in. dia. plastic pipe that’s U-bolted to a wooden board. The dowel fits through a plastic cap on top of the pipe, which keeps the dowel running straight up and down.
  The bottom end of the dowel fits inside the neck of the bottle and is glued to the bottom so it can’t move around. Vigar siliconed the neck to make sure water can’t get inside the bottle.
  The dowel has an orange cap on top of it that’s visible from a road 1/4 mile away. He also painted yellow and black marks on the dowel just below the orange cap that let him know exactly how full the tank is at all times.
  “I can drive down the road at 60 mph and tell by looking by the color showing on the dowel exactly where the water level is,” says Vigar. “The yellow and black colors indicate how much full the tank is, but if I only see orange I know the tank is out of water.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Vigar, P.O. Box 40, Lancer, Sask., Canada S0N 1G0 (ph 306 689-2888).

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