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Fluid Transfer Systems For Oil And Anti-Freeze
Fran Voss and his crew at Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Neb. are best known for building and selling a variety of hydraulic jacks and related lift and safety equipment. The company also sells a handy oil changing caddy and pressurized fluid transfer systems for handling waste anti-freeze and waste oil.
  Emerson sells a Lubeq self-evacuation oil drain that holds 21 gallons and comes with two sturdy plastic drain bowls. The basic bowl is 15 Ĺ in. in diameter and a 14 in. size is a strainer for oil filters. A 21 in. diameter model funnel is used to drain transmissions. The drain bowl mechanism for the holding tank adjusts up 40 in. to 60 in. and is secured by a locking pin to hold the bowl in place and protect accidental blow out. The tank rolls on 3 swivel casters, 2 which can be locked to hold the unit in place. Emptying the tank is done when the tank is pressurized to 12 psi and a valve to the 6 ft. drain hose attached to the bottom of the tank is opened. A safety valve is set at 15 psi. The unit sells for $445.
  Emerson also offers an ATF-16A Antifreeze Caddy and the OC-16A Waste Oil Caddy for quick and mess-free fluid changes. Both devices catch fluids in a 16 gal. recepticle thatís 9 Ĺ in. high and 20 in. in diameter. A splash guard on the catch basin defuses fluid as it drains into the pan. Emptying the pan is done by pressurizing it to 12 psi, then moving the 8 ft. long drain hose to a tank or barrel. For easier storage, the caddy stands on end and has a drip guard in the drain pan to keep fluids from draining on the floor. The Antifreeze caddy has a ĺ in. flow control valve on the drain hose and a reusable 100 micron tubular screen filter.
  Fran Voss started manufacturing his own jack designs in 1960. As the company grew and more space was needed, the business moved to Pender, Neb., where itís located today. Emerson now produces close to 30 different products, including its own brand of jacks and shop safety equipment.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Emerson Manufacturing, 608 Industrial Rd., P.O. Box 10, Pender, Neb. 68047 (ph 402 385-2459; www.emersonjacks.com).

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