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Front 3-Pt is Easy To Use
There's no modification or bolting required to attach this new front 3-pt. hitch to any small or mid-sized tractor. To mount it, you simply hook up a pair of chains.
"It works great for hauling big bales but can also be used with front-mount blades, cultivators, post hole augers, and any other front-mounted equipment. I originally developed it for use on older, under-used tractors with adequate hydraulics but with weak or non-existant 3-pts. However, it will also fit most new tractor models," says Donald Wedin, farmer-manufacturer who designed and built the new 3-pt.
It slips over the front tractor axle and is held in place by gravity, counter-balanced by two chains that run back to the rear axle. No bolting to frame required. "One person can quickly mount it on the tractor and just as quickly dismount it to free the tractor for other uses," says Wedin.
The new 3-pt. adapts to either Cat I or II equipment. Wedin has had a lot of interest in it for handling big bales. "You can fit it with pallet forks or a bale spear. Lets you carry a bale on front and one on back, if the rear 3-pt. is built to handle big bales," he says, noting that in many cases, farmers who have a tractor they haven't been able to use on big bales find they can move them around with ease using the new front hitch, which is fitted with a 3 by 8-in. lift cylinder. Sells for $1,399.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tug Hollow Mfg., Inc., Rt. 2, Box 91, Camp Douglas, Wis. 54618 (ph 800 348-2043 or 608 427-6749).

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