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Waterless Sprayer For Livestock
"It virtually eliminates the need for dipping, except in the case of scabies," says the manufacturer of Sprayfoil, a new "waterless" sprayer for beef and dairy cattle, sheep or hogs.
The revolutionary sprayer uses air as a carrier instead of water. It'll treat 25 to 30 head per minute, and saves up tp 50% on chemicals costs," says Zack Wipf, sales manager for D & W Construction, Sioux Falls, S. Dak:, manufacturer of the new Sprayfoil.
The unit's patented spray head discharges an atomized spray which completely covers the animal from head to tail, back to belly. "Insecticide is blown at high speed which lifts and fluffs the hair, completely covering all skin on the animal. Since air is used as the carrier, rather than water, animals do not become wet, allowing year-around treatment for lice and similar pests," Wipf explains.
The portable unit comes equipped with a 50 gal. tank with jet agitation to allow use of wettable powders, water soluble powders, or emulsified liquids.
Sprayfoil is portable, gets its own power from a gasoline engine, and comes equipped with a cannon-type attachment for space spraying around the yard, loafing sheds, barns, or for treating trees and shrubs.
Arches for treating livestock are available in two sizes - one for sheep and hogs, and a larger arch for beef and dairy cattle. Suggested list price of the Sprayfoil is $3,580, including a 16 hp. Briggs and Stratton engine and your choice of the small or large arch.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, D & W Construction, Zack Wipf, Sales Manager, P.O. Box 834, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57101 (ph. 605 336-0435).

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