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Rotary Disk Scrapers For Drills, Planters
"They're selling like hotcakes for grain drills. Now, thanks to response from FARM SHOW readers, we've designed a scraper for Deere Max-Emerge planters," reports Galen Bowerman of Dawson, N. Dak., whose unique rotating disk scrapers were first featured in FARM SHOW three years ago.
"Our scraper will outlast three to four conventional scrapers and allow you to plant in soil conditions too tough for regular scrapers to handle," Bowerman told FARM SHOW. "What's more, once you put a set of these rolling scrapers on your drill or planter, you can replace them in seconds without having to dismantle the disks and for considerably less cost."
The soil in North Dakota's Kidder County where Bowerman farms is sandy and abrasive. "It's not uncommon to wear out one or more sets of conventional scrapers in one season," he points out. He sells many scrapers through equipment dealers who mount them as original equipment.
Bowerman has expanded production to meet booming demand for his popular new scraper. It's available for all models of Deere, International, Melroe and Kirchman double disk grain drills as well as Deere planters.
"A FARM SHOW reader in Texas suggested we expand to planters. Our Max-Emerge scraper has a single scraper wheel that bolts where Deere's own scraper would attach. They'll outlast Deere's heavy-duty optional scrapers. They don't wear a groove in the disk because they rotate. Deere actually knows as much as we do about them since they've bought a number of them."
Each scraper unit consists of a pair of 3 1/4-in. dia. wheels which are stamped out of steel and case hardened. Spring tension holds each scraper wheel tight enough against the disk so it turns as the disk turns. As the small scraper wheels wear thin, they can be taken out and a new set installed in a matter of minutes. Unlike the first models, the scrapers are now all one piece and don't pop apart so they can't be lost in rocky ground, according to Bowerman.
Rotary scrapers for Deere and IH double disk grain drills retail for $5.00 each, less shipping. Scrapers for Melroe and Kirchman drills are $4.50 each. Units for Deere's 7000 and 7100 Max-Emerge are $9.50 each. Replacement snap-on wheels are $1.70. Delvin bearings for individual wheels are 30 cents.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bowerman Industry, Dawson, N.D. 58428 (ph 327-4289).

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