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Log Splitter Cover Made From Pickup Topper
Bill Martin, Jamestown, Ohio, used the fiberglass topper off an old pickup as a cover for his trailer-mounted log splitter. The topper is hinged to the back of the splitter so it can be flipped out of the way when working.     

    “It really looks nice and makes an ideal weather top in any season,” says Martin.

    He built the 2-wheeled splitter trailer many years ago, mounting a homemade wedge on an I-beam that’s welded solid to a car axle and wheels. He also welded a 2-in. ball coupler on front of the I-beam and a jackstand on back.

    He bought the pickup topper at an auction for $5. He used angle iron to make the hinge that attaches the topper to the splitter. The front side of the topper rests on the I-beam just behind the wedge, with an aluminum bar bolted across the topper to provide reinforcement. A cable connects the topper to the base of the splitter cylinder and keeps the topper from going back too far as it’s lifted out of the way. A board serves as a prop to keep the topper from accidentally falling forward.

    “I came up with the idea because the tarp I was using got to be a nuisance. I think old pickup toppers could be used to cover many different kinds of equipment. They sell for little or nothing at auctions and have a lot of potential uses. I’ve seen people use them as doghouses and even to build ice fishing shelters.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Martin, 6928 State Route 734, Jamestown, Ohio 45335 (ph 937 675-2386; billgatorjr@att.net).

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