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Home-Built 2-Wheeled Trailer
I cut a 265-gal. fuel oil tank in half and then welded bed frame angle irons around the edges to build this 2-wheeled trailer. Bed frames are made from springy, high carbon steel so you don’t want to use them on structural projects or they’ll crack, but they work good as an edge liner to hold the tank straight. The tank manually dumps out the back and pivots on a metal pin that’s welded onto the axle. A pair of unistruts welded on back of the trailer form slots for a “drop board” tailgate.
  The axle is an old straight axle that I turned upside down to make the trailer high enough to dump. The original wheel rims weren’t the right kind to remount onto the axle, so I used a pair of 8-in. offset rims that I already had. One rim was offset 4 in. and the other 6 in. I cut the middles out of the rims and made a pair of flat steel plates to match, then welded the plates in and drilled holes into them to fit the axle hub.
  I used a small cut-off wheel on a 4 1/2-in. grinder to cut up the tank’s thin sheet metal. I didn’t use a torch because the heat could have warped the metal. (Cal Miner, 3971 N.E. 8th St., Willmar, Minn. 56201 ph 320 235-3351)

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