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Hose Clamps Handy For Fixing Roller Chain
Anyone who has ever had to fix a broken roller chain will appreciate FARM SHOW reader Monty Rathie’s tip.
    “Use a hose clamp between two sections of roller chain. The bigger the chain, the bigger the hose clamp,” he says, noting he’s fixed chain as big as no. 140 .
    By tightening the clamp as tightly as you can, the two ends of the roller chain pull close enough together to repair the chain with a new link.
    Rathie came up with the idea in the 1980’s when he worked as a millwright at a big sawmill and dealt with miles of roller chain. It was common for two to four links to break in an 8-hour shift. He recently used a clamp to fix the no. 120 chain on his ranch employer’s swather. Two men tried to fix it for 3 hrs., before Rathie showed up with a hose clamp.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Monty Rathie, Baker, Mont. 59313.

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