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Cube Aerator For Hopper Bottom Bins
Grain bins have been supersized in recent years, but grain aeration, especially in hopper bottom bins, has not improved. Jeremy Hartsook heard farmers’ concerns as he built, sold and installed bin floors across Alberta and Sasketchewan. Then he came up with a new design of his own called the Air Cube.
  Hartsook says other systems on the market were heavy and tough to install. With his system, even though the tubes are made of metal, they’re short pieces and they’re not very heavy. Each of the tubes slips into poly corner connectors to create a cube that’s assembled inside a hopper bottom. The tubes, corner connectors and air intake manifold are small enough to fit through the slide on the hopper bottom. Each leg of the Air Cube base is bolted to the side of the hopper bottom to secure the Cube. After the base is secure, the sides and top of the Cube are installed.
  Building any of the Cubes is easily done by 2 people in a couple hours, Hartsook says. The parts are light and easy to handle, and the company provides a 5-min. instructional video to walk through all the required steps.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, HES Mfg., Eston, Sask., Canada SOL 1A0 (ph 306 962-4372; www.hesmfg.com).

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