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Wire Winder Also Rolls Up Posts
Faeth also came up with a skid loader-mounted, hydraulic-operated wire winder that can also roll up posts with the wire.

    “It’ll eat the whole fence up,” says Faeth. “It holds up to 2,000 lbs. of wire/posts, and has a cone-shaped design that allows the rolled-up wire to easily be pushed off the drum when full. It pulls both posts out of the ground, even if they’re buried 3 ft. deep. The rolled-up wire/posts can then be sold for scrap.

    “It’ll handle both barbed wire and woven wire as well as high line wires and conveyor belting. And it works fast - it’ll wind up 1/4 mile of fence in less than 15 min. If I want I can reverse a hydraulic motor and unroll the wire and posts back off the drum so they can be reused.”

    The cone-shaped steel drum measures 3 ft. in dia. by 5 ft. long and is 12 in. in dia. at one end but only 4 in. at the other end. The drum is operated by a hydraulic motor that chain-drives the gear reduction system off the front axle of a combine. Faeth made a wheel rim type of attachment with a shaft welded onto it that bolts on where the wheel rim normally bolts onto the axle.

    “It has a 50:4 gear reduction so there’s plenty of torque to pull wire and posts up and keep them tight,” says Faeth.

    The drum is supported at each end by a big metal roller, with the roller at the small end of the drum screwed onto a big bolt. To remove the rolled-up wire Faeth unscrews a nut, removes the wheel, and slides the roll off.

    “I’ve used this wire winder for 5 years and it’s unbelievable how well it works. Makes fencing an easy job,” says Faeth. “The roll of wire and posts is often up to 4 ft. tall when I’m done and looks almost like a small round bale.

    “The first time I used it I rolled up 50 miles of fence and didn’t have a lick of trouble. It has so much torque that it’ll pop the staples and clips right off the posts so I don’t have to remove them later.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kelly Faeth, 46520 151 St., Twin Brooks, S. Dak. 57269 (ph 605 467-9283; faeth08@gmail.com).

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