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Moveable Tractor Shelter
I wanted to keep my tractor out of the weather, and this was the cheapest way I could think of to do it, says Gary Pierman, Perth, Ontario, who used 3-in. dia. steel pipe to build a portable storage shed that he can pick up and move with his Case IH 1285 4-WD loader tractor and 3-pt. mounted snowblower.
  The 11 by 24-ft. shed has an 18-ga. corrugated steel roof screwed onto 1 by 4 roof boards. Pierman uses a chain on his loader bucket to lift the front end of the shed, and two 16-in. long chains welded to both ends of an 11-ft. long, 3-pt. mounted crossbar to lift the back end.
  I just lift it straight up about 12 in. off the ground and drive forward, says Pierman. I park the shed and tractor in front of our garage during winter so I can quickly back the tractor and out and use the snowblower. Whenever Im not using the snowblower I enclose all 4 sides with woven poly fabric to keep snow out. During the summer I park the shed out of the way in back of the garage.
  To raise the front end of the shed he tilts the loader bucket down and attaches a chain to the top of it, and also to a pair of hooks welded onto a length of 2 by 6 tubing, which is slid in across the front of the shed. To raise the back end of the shed, he pins the cross pipe with chains onto the tractors 3-pt. lower lift arms.
  I put a lot of thought into it before I built it, says Pierman. As I lift the shed it goes straight up. I didnt want to lift the shed at an angle because that would risk pulling the sides in.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Pierman, 1032 Powers Road, Perth, Ontario, Canada K7H 3C5 (ph 613 267-5846; gary.pierman@opp.ca).

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