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Rear View Mirrors For Skid Loaders
“My new rear view mirrors for skid loaders work better than anything else on the market. They provide a good view behind for loading and unloading onto a trailer,” says Art Somerville, Barely Farm Equipment, Inc., Langdon, Alberta.    

    The 6-in. dia. mirrors have a convex shape and are designed to mount on both sides of the operator. They come as a set of 2 and bolt on under the skid loader’s lift arms with five 1/4-in. bolts. The mirrors fit all skid loader brands.

    “I came up with the idea because I couldn’t find a pair of mirrors that would let me see my skid loader’s rear wheels from inside the cab as I backed up,” says Somerville. “I was blowing snow, working in 7-ft. high snowdrifts in a lane that leads to my neighbor’s house.  I would lift the snowblower up and move in about 4 ft., then back up, drop the snowblower 2 ft., and repeat the process. My snowblower is only 2 in. wider than the skid loader’s wheels, so if I moved a bit to one side or the other as I backed up the rear wheels would hit the snow bank on either side, causing all 4 wheels to spin and I would get stuck.

    “I had to walk a quarter mile back home and get my backhoe to lift the skid loader’s back end over 2 in., and then continue working.  After several times of doing this I went on the internet looking for mirrors, but couldn’t find anything that would let me see the rear wheels from the cab.”

    Somerville says his mirrors also work great for loading a skid loader onto a trailer.  “You can see both ramps from inside the cab without needing anyone to help guide you.”

    The mirrors are made of stainless steel and come with a 5-hole base. “Even the mirror’s face is made of stainless steel so if you drop it or hit it, it won’t break,” says Somerville. “In fact, one of the mirror heads on my skid loader popped off while I was experimenting with them, and I accidentally drove over it.  It dented the casing but didn’t damage the mirror surface, and I’m still using this mirror today.”

    A set of 2 mirrors sells for $119.95 (Canadian) plus S&H.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Art Sommerville, Barely Farm Equipment, Inc., P.O. Box 203, Langdon, Alberta, Canada T0J 1X0 (ph 587 999-2019; bfe@abnet.ca).

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