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Automatic Valve For Stock Tanks
One of the "best buy" new products we've seen lately is a low cost valve that automatically maintains a constant water level in stock tanks ranging from 1 to 5,000 or more gallons in size.
The price is right - only $6.95 - and its operation is so simple you've got to see it to believe it. Here's how it works:
Weight of the water pressing against the diaphragm of Freeland Industries' "Free-Flo" valve turns it on or off. The valve, made of ABC plastic and stainless steel internal parts, can be mounted in either the horizontal or vertical position. A simple knob adjustment allows you to set the water level anywhere from 4 to 20 i a. above the valve. Thus, for tanks less than 20 in. deep, the unit can be installed through the bottom of the tank or through the sidewall. On tanks deeper than 20 in., the valve must be installed in the sidewall and up high enough so it's within at least 20 in, of the desired water height. The level of water being hosed under pressure into a container as small as 1 gal. can be maintained automatically with the Free-Flow valve.
To install, you simply make a 11/4 in, dia, hole in the side or bottom of the tank and, with lock washers on the valve's threaded shank, screw the valve into place. Hook up the water supply (from a garden hose, plastic or iron pipe, or copper tubing) and it's ready to go. Water hosed or piped into the tank through the valve has tc be under at least 12 lbs. pressure. The unit will handle pressures as high as 125 psi and readily adapts to moss types of wood, metal or plastic stock tanks.
"Because it operates below the water, it's out of the way so livestock won't play with it," explains Lynr Van Epps, sales manager, Freelanc Industries. "It's completely corrosion proof and has no moving parts tc wear out. We guarantee it for 2 years It's also approved non-siphoning."
For the name of your nearest loca dealer, contact: FARM SHOW Fol lowup, Freeland Industries, Box 59 Portage, Wis. 53901 (ph 608 742 2189).

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