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Replacement Grate For New Holland Combines
"New Holland makes a tremendous combine but, up till now, we haven't been able to use all its capacity," says Harry Weeks, farmer and manufacturer who has come up with a new combine grate and a grain pan extension kit designed to boost capacity of New Holland TR 70, 75 and 85 combines.
"We can increase the capacity of any TR combine by 50% without putting any strain on the combine. The kit, along with our recommendations for different settings, allows the combine to do a better threshing job without throwing any grain out the back," Weeks told FARM SHOW.
The grates Weeks designed are 65% bigger than the originals with 50% more open area to separate grain. They're located closer to the rotor than the original grates, thus making them more of a threshing grate. The grates also eliminate plugging between the grate and the side of the combine, says Weeks.
"By positioning the grate in the combine differently, the whole concave grate can be operated at a wider setting to the rotors which lets the material go through faster and easier and thresh quicker. This saves horse-power, and doesn't grind the straw," Weeks points out.
He also has a grain pan extension that mounts on the grain pan itself and moves with it. It helps keep grain level all over the pan which makes for better cleaning on the sieves. The grain pan extension is particularly good in hilly areas, he says, because the grain won't pile up on the sides as it comes out of the concaves.
"We've used the kits for two years in corn and beans, and used it this year in wheat with tremendous success under all conditions," says Weeks, noting that his kit comes with a booklet detailing different settings he recommends for the combine. He says most New Holland engineers do not agree with his changes but that, nevertheless, some of his improvements have been incorporated into new model TR combines.
"We have experimented with higher horsepower settings and have found that the combine still handles all the grain. Our TR 85 can run at 6 mph in 130 bu. corn and put it all in the bin."
Weeks also reworks the feederhouse so no wrenches are needed to go from one crop to another, which saves time and helps keep foreign material out of the rotors. He also changes the chopper to spread material over 20 to 22 ft. and adjusts the windboards.
The grates and grain pan extension kit sells for $345.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harry Weeks, J & H Equipment Co., 7225 Kile Road, Plain City, Ohio 43064 (ph 614 873-5452).

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