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Portable Milkers Perfect For Small Herds
Small herds of a few animals need a small milking system, suggests Dan Beffa, Dansha Farms. He makes small vacuum milkers that can run off 110 or 220 power or a 12-volt battery. The portable milkers work for anyone with a few animals, whether sheep, goat, cow or even camel.
  “Most of my customers are everyday people milking goats, sheep or cows but I have customers in China who milk camels,” says Beffa. “We offer small and large teat cups to match the animal.”
  Beffa started keeping and milking goats when he retired. “Milking by hand killed me, so I first came up with a hand pump,” he recalls. “The rest is history.”
  Now he makes and sells a variety of milking equipment, including 1-teat and 2-teat machines with quart, half gallon and gallon-size containers. The milkers use vacuum instead of pulsation, and teat cups are hard plastic syringe barrels.
  Options include hand-powered milkers, rechargeable battery-powered systems that milk up to 2 gal. per charge and 12-volt, AC/DC-powered systems that can be powered by a 12-volt battery or plugged into a wall outlet. Two-teat cup systems come with a teat cup plug for milking one teat at a time.
  “My milkers work great for people with arthritis who can’t milk and those who don’t like to milk,” says Beffa. “We have a lot of veterinarians who buy them. My best seller is the battery-powered machine with battery charger.”
  Prices range from $68 for the 1-teat, 1-quart, hand pump machine to $134.95 for the 2-teat, 1-gal., 12-volt DC vacuum machine with optional wall outlet plug. An optional vacuum gauge is priced at $39. Dansha Farms also sells a custom milking teat and hoof care system for $325. Beffa says it includes everything needed for teat and hoof care, including sanitizers, hand powered milking system, hoof pick, file, trimmers, bottles, bag balm and more.
  Check out a video of the 12-volt milker at farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dansha Farms, 516 SE Mabry Trl, Lee, Fla. 32059 (ph 850 464-2881; info@danshafarms.com; www.danshafarms.com).

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