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Modified Pull-Type Sprayer
Over the years my father and I have modified all kinds of farm equipment. For example, we cut an old 5-ft. boiler tank in half to fit onto the side of our 1951 Montgomery Wards tractor. We originally used this ‘tray’ to haul rocks that we picked up while doing fieldwork, but now we use it to carry a toolbox. Metal straps on the tray are attached to a U-shaped hook that fits over the tractor frame, making it easy to take the tray off.
    Our modified pull-type sprayer is equipped with a 110-gal. tank and a hand wand mounted on a front support. Upright masts support the sprayer’s hinged booms in both the up and down positions. We use this sprayer mainly to control exotic weeds in our native prairie plantings. Fire is an important part of how we manage our native grass and flower seed production, so we often use the hand wand to control backfires. (Carl Kurtz, 1562 Binford Ave., St. Anthony, Iowa 50239 ph 641 477-8364; cpkurtz@netins.net)

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