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First-Ever 5-Stage Shop Air Cleaner
ir-Vac Systems, long-time manufacturer of shop air vac cleaners in Cedar Falls, Iowa, recently announced a first-of-its-kind 5-stage, dual intake air cleaner.
  Robert Hughes, president of Air-Vac Systems, says his company has been building and selling its 2-stage air cleaners to farm shops, welding, machine and diesel shops for almost 25 years. The 2-stage unit consists of a powerful fan that pulls dirty air through an industrial grade, 4-in. thick pleated pre-filter and then through a 95 percent efficient bag-type filter. “The 2-stage unit works great for removing any liquid or solid particulates from ambient air,” he says.
  Hughes says their new 5-stage Air-Vac unit will also remove odors, toxic gases, chemical vapors, and VOC’s. It will also kill mold, bacteria and viruses, both airborne and on surfaces.
  The 5-stage air cleaner uses the same pleated and bag-type filter as the 2-stage model. It’s followed by a 75 percent charcoal bypass filter and finishes with a large ultraviolet (UV) light encased in a titanium oxide filter. “The combination produces what’s called photo catalytic oxidation or PCO technology,” says Hughes. “The process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons that convert harmful particulates and toxic gases into safer compounds, such as carbon dioxide and water.
  “PCO technology is many times more effective than a HEPA filter, without diminishing the air cleaner’s cfm’s as HEPA filters tend to do. A HEPA filter will remove particles down to .03 of a micron, whereas PCO technology takes out particulates down to .001 of a micron.”
  Hughes says the wife of one of his customers came into his shop a couple of days after he had installed his PCO units and couldn’t believe the difference. “She was used to the smells of gas, oil and stale cigarette smoke and said she was glad that now ‘the stink is gone’”.
  One M-30 UV AIR-VAC 5-stage air cleaner will clean up to 2,000 sq. ft. of air. For larger shops simply add more units. It sells for $3,580 and is shipped complete with filters and eyebolts for ease of installation. Air-Vac Systems is offering a $400 discount to FARM SHOW readers, which results in a final price of $3,180. The company’s standard 2-stage M-30 unit is also still available.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Hughes, Air-Vac Systems, Inc., 1514 W. Lone Tree Rd., Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 (ph 800 234-2473; cell ph 319 231-4711; fax 319 266-2524; rhughes@air-vacsystems.com; www.air-vacsystems.com).

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