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Solution To Tecumseh Engine Problems
“I read with amusement in your last issue how Steve Cunningham of New Hampshire took a sledge hammer to a Tecumseh engine after years of hard-start problems. I have also been tempted to make the same ‘adjustment’ to one of these engines. However, I may have a solution for other sufferers. I discovered by accident that if I leave the fuel cap loose after filling and then pump the primer bulb on the carburetor, the engine will start more easily, usually on the first or second pull.
  “I was telling a co-worker about this problem and he told me about a guy he knows who fixes Tecumseh engines by cutting a small notch on one side of the choke plate with a round file. He says the choke on these engines is too restrictive so cutting the notch opens it up some.”

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2014 - Volume #38, Issue #6