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Where To Buy Industrial Grade Bits
Why settle for cheap, poor quality drill bits that don’t last when you can get professional metalworking bits that you won’t find in any big box store? Silas Zimmerman, Zimmerman Drill Bit Sales, has been supplying machine shops, fabricators and other metalworking professionals with drill bits for the past 4 years.
    “We try to sell only high-quality, preferably U.S.-made, products that we know will meet or exceed customers’ expectations,” says Zimmerman. “We have thousands of drill bits out there in the years we’ve been in business and have had no negative feedback.”
    As a wholesale distributor, Zimmerman can’t sell retail, but his commercial customers often do. If FARM SHOW readers call or write him, he will provide the name of his nearest customer prepared to do resale of his premium bits.
    Zimmerman says one reason he puts quality first is that he is an end user. “I like to sell things that I can feel good about selling,” he says.
    He says that 99.9 percent of the drill bits he sells are from one manufacturer, Norseman/CTD (Consolidated Toledo Drill).
    “I wouldn’t use any other,” says Zimmerman. “I’ve tested them in stainless steel, spring steel, all different materials, and they passed the tests well. One customer said that they drill through stainless steel like it was cheese.”
    His most popular seller is the AQF-29P, a 29-piece drill bit set that comes in a heavy-duty plastic carrier with a clip for easy storage. A rubber washer keeps water out, and the top screws on for security. The bits themselves feature sizes from 1/16-in. to 1 1/2-in. by 1/64-in. Sizes 3/16-in. and larger feature 3 flats on the shank for reduced slippage, increased productivity and bit life.
    Another example is the Hole Hog set of core drills. The bits are designed specifically for situations where holes need to be reamed out. Hole Hog bits are accompanied by the appropriate pilot bit. Used correctly, they can enlarge a hole 60 percent.
    Hole Hog bits are also helpful in ‘large diameter’ holes, where the diameter of the hole is significantly greater than the thickness of the material. Standard bits can catch in the hole, resulting in broken, chipped or bent drills.
    Although drill bits were his first product, he has expanded into welding supplies and other lines, including Honeywell hearing and safety products. Today he carries thousands of products from a broad range of manufacturers and a few select distributors. Like his drill bits, Zimmerman emphasizes products made in the U.S. for quality and performance.
    “We are very competitive and can save our customers quite a bit of money on most products,” says Zimmerman. “We are the lowest price reseller; however, retail prices are up to our customers.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Zimmerman Drill Bit Sales, 1468 Vaughns Grove-Fairview Rd., Pembroke, Ky. 42266

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