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Leaf Dumper Built To Fit Pickup Box
David Flaherty stopped by our office the other day to show us his pickup-mounted leaf and grass hauler. He says it has greatly speeded up work for customers of his lawn maintenance business.
  “I bought a small grain cart, removed the wagon running gear, and cut off the front end of the cart so it would fit in the back of my pickup,” says Flaherty. “ I attached it to a home-built hoist mounted in the bed of the truck. I bought a used cylinder that’s powered by an electric hydraulic pump from Tractor Supply Company. It simply wires to the trucks’ battery and to a switch in the cab.
  “Then I fitted a swing dump gate on back of the box that opens up freely when the box is dumped.
  “To keep leaves and grass from blowing out, I mounted an old pickup topper over the top. I turned it around so the sliding window faces the back. A round portal fits into that window opening so we can blow leaves into the box from our tractors. I have a vacuum mounted on front of a trailer with a long hose so I can suck leaves out of the carriers on my mowers into the box. One of the windows on the side of the topper is covered with screening so air can escape.
  “This dumper cost less than $1,000. Commercial units would have run $7,000 to $8,000 and they would not have been as good as this rig. The topper comes off easily for hauling other materials and the entire box can be quickly unbolted and removed.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Flaherty, H&L Services, Lonsdale, Minn. (ph 612 227-8868).

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