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Friction-Driven Corn Sheller Used To Crack Walnuts
“We tried using an old hand-cranked corn sheller to hull walnuts, but quickly found out it was too hard to crank. So we used one of the wheels on a riding mower to friction-drive the sheller. It really works slick,” says John Kocur, Carlisle, Iowa.
  He chocked up the mower’s front wheels and jacked up the back of the mower until both rear wheels were off the ground, then placed a concrete block under one wheel to keep it from moving. A ratchet strap between the sheller and mower frames keeps pressure on the sheller wheel.
  “A wheelbarrow catches the nuts and husks out of the sheller, and a second person can then quickly separate the nuts from the husks,” says Kocur. “The friction between the mower wheel and sheller wheel acts as a ‘safety slip’ in case a nut gets stuck in the sheller and keeps it from turning.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Kocur, 4869 178th Ave., Carlisle, Iowa 50047 (ph 515 229-7537; turtle1573@aol.com).

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