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Build A Planter The Way You Want It
At the recent Ohio Farm Science Review show, Precision Agri Services, Inc. and Harvest International teamed up to demonstrate that farmers can often save money with custom-built planters specifically designed for precision agriculture.
  At the show several different colored row units, each representing a different manufacturer, were mounted on a Harvest International toolbar. The row units included ones made by Deere, Case IH, Kinze, and A-M-E.co.
  “We are a dealer for Precision Planting Inc., and also handle Trimble and Ag Leader products, so we can mold different technologies to suit your planting needs,” says Bill Lehmkuhl, Precision Agri Services, Inc. “We help farmers build their planter to fit their management style, depending on a number of factors including different row spacings, tillage methods, row unit attachments, etc.
  “When you buy a new factory planter, you’re often paying for components you might not want to use. As a result, many farmers start taking components off the toolbar and modifying the planter to suit their needs.”
  Lehmkuhl says they ask a lot of questions to learn what each farmer wants. “We let you start with a clean toolbar and then add components onto it, such as electric drives, row cleaners, and different closing systems, until you’ve got a planter that’s set up the way you want it.”
  A-M-E Co. – it stands for American Made Equipment – describes itself as a “premier manufacturer of planters with an emphasis on choice, performance, and quality” (ph 515 650-3911; www.A-M-E-co). The company builds its own toolbars, row units, wheel assemblies, and other planter components. An open design construction allows use of off-the-shelf attachments and accessories so you can get your planter set up exactly how you want. They offer 7 different base models that can be configured in 72 different ways.
  Harvest International (ph 712 213-5100; www.harvestauger.com) says its toolbars accept most popular brands of tillage and planting attachments. They offer several different toolbar styles, including single or double bar, strip till, and narrow fold transport models that have only a 13-ft. 11-in. transport width. Toolbars up to 60 ft. wide are available. Harvest International is also bringing a row unit to market next spring.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Precision Agri Services, Inc., 6630 State Route 119, Minster, Ohio 45865 (ph 419 628-4167 or cell ph 419 305-1064; blehmkuhl@precisionagriservices.com).  

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