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Recap Worn Grain Drill Press Wheels
Mike McCaslin can save owners time and money by fixing worn, older, steel grain drill press wheels. His Easy Recaps snap on fast and lock in place. Repairs can even be made in the field with nothing more than a hammer and a socket set.
  “Recapping press wheels the normal way can take hours, dropping the gangs and taking them apart,” says McCaslin. “Our Easy Recaps can be put in place in the field, as needed.”
  McCaslin’s recaps are CAD-designed to match press wheels exactly, CNC-cut into 2 pieces. Simply slip one piece over half the press wheel and pound it in place if necessary. Slip on the second half and bolt the two together.
  “Some folks try welding steel on to repair a worn out press wheel,” says McCaslin. “That takes more time, and it is often difficult to weld new steel to the thin press wheels.”
  McCaslin suggests calling to discuss the brand and type of press wheel. The only wheels he doesn’t work with are newer, rubber tread wheels.
  “There are hundreds of different sizes and shapes of wheels,” says McCaslin. “I’ve got those I’ve already worked on in stock. If we don’t, just send us one, and we can fabricate recaps to fit it.”
  McCaslin says his recaps range from $135 to $200. Not only are they faster to put in place than new wheels, but he points out that they add structure to the wheels.
  “OEM wheels use 16 gauge steel,” notes McCaslin. “We use 14 gauge for even longer life.”
  McCaslin also offers a conversion recap for split press wheels. “Split press wheels work well in dry conditions,” he notes. “However, they don’t leave a good furrow in dry soils. With our conversions, you can add them when soils are dry and pop them off when soils are wet. It just takes a few minutes for each.”
  Check out the video of Easy Recaps at www.farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike McCaslin, 33924 County Road M, Yuma, Colo. 80759 (ph 970 630-4767; mike@easy-recaps.com; www.easyrecaps.com).

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