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Window-Mounted Solar Heater
This new window-mounted solar “room warmer” provides the heat of a 150 to 500-watt electric heater, depending on the daytime sun and cloud cover.
  The solar heated collector measures 48 in. long, 18 in. wide, and 2 in. thick and comes with a solar-powered fan that moves the heated air into the room. You simply hang or set the collector against the inside of a south-facing window; the fan draws indoor air through aluminum collectors heated by the sun and then recirculates the warmed air back into the room. The fan’s speed control is used to adjust the air temperature. The system comes equipped with an AC adapter if there’s not enough sunlight to power the fan.
  “It’s designed for interior installation behind a single pane window for best efficiency. Double pane, low-E, argon, and triple pane windows will reduce the efficiency to less than 40 to 65 percent,” says Cam Mackay, Solar Infra Systems, Surrey, B.C. “The unit’s open design still allows most of the window sunlight into the room.”
  The unit is available from Northern Tool, Mid States Distributing, Home Depot, and Amazon. It retails for $249 on Amazon.com.
  The company also sells solar heaters designed for commercial businesses such as greenhouses. One system uses 40-ft. shipping containers that hold 14,000 gal. of water. The containers can be stacked together for large capacity systems.
  “We’re reducing the natural gas used to heat a greenhouse. We can save a 100,000 sq. ft. greenhouse up to $140,000 per year compared to using natural gas,” says Mackay.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Solar Infra Systems International Ltd., 210 – 19138 26 Ave., Surrey, B.C., Canada V3S 3V7 (ph 855 535-2056; cam@becketthouse.com; www.solarinfrasystems.com).

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