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“Seismic” System Locates Best Sites For Water
A Washington company says its method for finding water beats “water witching” nearly every time. Their seismoelectric technology was developed by the oil industry years ago.
  The system works by detecting electrical signals generated when seismic impulses are sent down into the ground. The return signals indicate the quantity of any water found.
  The company says its equipment has been used to find water in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.
  Alberta, Canada groundwater specialist Gary Kehler, who has operated a business called WaterFind since 2004, says using seismic equipment makes sense because of the cost of drilling, which can run between $35 and $40 a foot. “I regularly get calls from property owners who have already spent thousands of dollars and drilled a well 700 ft. to 800 ft. deep in single or multiple holes looking for water. Typically we can do a 6-site survey for less than a single 100-ft. test hole,” Kehler says. He works ahead of some well drillers that won’t drill in tough areas without the owner first getting a WaterFind survey.
  Kehler says he’s able to successfully locate groundwater 90 percent of the time in Alberta and Sasketchewan. Usually he’s working in areas where dry holes often happen. “The percentage isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely more economical than drilling wells here and there hoping to find an aquifer with a good yield,” says Kehler.
  His charge for a typical survey is $2,200. Kehler works with landowners to determine the best spots to survey, then does the field tests and provides a report back to the landowner in 10 to 14 days. His reports classify possible well sites by how much water they’re likely to produce.  
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Aqua Locate, 5700 100th St. SW, Suite 330, Lakewood, Wash. 98499 (ph 800 251-2920; www.aqualocate.com) or Gary Kehler, Waterfind, Inc., Box 116, Longview, Alberta, Canada T0L 1H0 (ph 877 388-7388; www.findwellwater.com).

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