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Rope-Wick Applicator For Your Cultivator
You can save time and fuel with a new rope-wick applicator from Kirkman Mfg., Kirkman, Iowa, that mounts on your row crop cultivator, allowing you to apply herbicide to tall growing weeds as you cultivate.
"You eliminate the need to make a special trip over the field to wipe out volunteer corn and other tall growing weeds. Our applicator is also less expensive than rope wick applicators that require a special toolbar," explains Jerry Holloway, vice president.
Mounting brackets are available for both front and rear mount cultivators. Individual applicator sections for each row are 18 in. wide, 3 in. in dia., and each is equipped with 5 rope sections about 6 in. long. The five ropes are positioned two in front, two in back and one in the middle an arrangement which allows most weeds to be hit by at least 3 of the 5 ropes for good coverage of chemical and good assurance of a complete kill. Mounting brackets are adjustable in 1 in. increments, allowing each applicator to be raised as high as the toolbar itself.
"We use a medium rope for most applications. However, if a farmer has a field with an extremely bad weed problem, we can supply an extra heavy rope which allows more spray material to move through it. However, the heavier rope also poses some dripping problems. Consequently, we don't recommend it except where there's an unusually heavy weed problem. We can supply sections with the heavy rope already installed, or a farmer who buys a section equipped with medium rope can install heavy rope himself."
Holloway notes that dust hasn't been a problem, even with the applicators mounted low to the ground for cultivation of newly-emerged corn, soybeans or other rowcrops. "There usually is enough moisture to minimize dust problems. If it is dry and enough dust is kicked up to cause problems, it may be necessary to carry a portable sprayer filled with water to rinse off each applicator periodically. However, in our field trials last year, we had virtually no problems with dust in first, second or third cultivations."
Retail cost, including mounting brackets and an 18-in. rope wick applicator bar, is right at $60 per row.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kirkman Mfg., Box 27, Kirkman, Iowa 51447 (ph 712 766-3268).

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