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Chicken Wire Protects Wood Fence From Chewing
Horses often chew wood fencing out of boredom, especially when confined in small areas, and can quickly destroy a fence. You can apply foul-tasting coatings to try to solve the problem, but some horses will chew wood no matter what you put on it.
  A safer way to protect wood fences is to cover the posts, poles or boards with small-mesh chicken wire. Horses canít chew through the wire and itís unpleasant on their teeth, so they quickly give up.
  My husband and I first used this idea in 1990 when we built some horse pens. We used diamond mesh wire topped with a wooden crossbar. Then we covered all the posts and the crossbar with chicken wire, cutting it into strips and stapling them onto the pole. Our pens have had horses living in them continuously for the past 24 years, but our horses havenít taken a single bite out of the wire-covered posts and poles. We still use the idea on any new pens we build.
  A non-toxic wood preservative can be applied to the posts and poles periodically right over the chicken wire in order to provide long lasting protection.

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