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Front-Mount Golf Cart Receiver Hitch
Walt Bullock’s latest invention makes golf carts more useful just as his SwiftLift system (Vol. 35, Issue 1) allows attachments to be added to riding lawn mowers.
  The biggest advantage of his patent-pending bracket is that it keeps the 2-in. receiver high (about 22 in. off the ground) and puts the weight of the load on the axles. The height is important so attachments are high enough not to hit the ground when the cart is driven over uneven terrain.
  “I found out that no one was using the front of the golf cart for anything,” Bullock says. With his bracket and receiver, a variety of items can be added to make golf carts more useful.
  With 2 safari seats (250 lb. capacity for each, starting at $199), customers add seating capacity for taking people on farm tours, transporting bird hunters out to the field, or for just getting around.
  A basket ($99) comes in handy for carrying flats of plants, picking up sticks or hauling supplies. With a receiver extension ($149), a cargo box or cooler can be carried behind the safari seats.
  With the addition of a platform, barrel pump and nozzles, Bullock also offers a system ($499) for firefighting or watering plants at a nursery.
  “I originally designed this for commercial applications, but I realized it has many home uses,” Bullock says, adding he’s also working on attachments for military applications.
  The bracket, made in the U.S. with U.S. steel, runs from $149 to $249, depending on the cart. The brackets bolt on to some models such as Yamahas. Others, such as E-Z-GO, Cushman and Columbia, require welding. Bullock notes that most golf cart shops offer welding services or he will locate a certified welder for customers.
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