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Home-Built 3-Pt. Root Ripper
“I needed a 3-pt. mounted ripper to rip roots around tree stumps. I didn’t like the light-duty Cat.I rippers on the market, and the heavy-duty ones were too expensive. So I built my own,” says Connor Bishop, Guilford, Ct.
  He used 2-in. sq., 1/4-in. wall tubing to build the unit’s frame and bolted the ripper blade to it using 1-in. bolts. He used 3/4-in. thick, 5-in. wide flat steel for the blade.
  “I attached the 3-pt. lift arm pins in the center of the square tubes by making square ‘washers’ out of thick steel,” says Bishop. “The hole in each washer is the same diameter as the pin, and the outside dimension of the washer is square, just small enough to fit inside the tube. I welded 2 of the washers on the pin, one at the end and one part way up. Then I slid them into the square tube and welded them in.”
  He used a cutting torch to bevel the blade’s cutting edge and angled the blade’s tip by cutting the flat steel at an angle, repositioning the cut piece, and then rewelding it in after making a deep “V” to allow weld metal to fill in the gap.
  “It works great and has held up well,” says Bishop. “On larger stumps I use it to rip roots and then push the stump out with my Deere MC dozer. I can rip out smaller or rotten stumps with the blade itself by lifting the 3-pt. while driving forward.
  “I used about 10 ft. of sq. tubing for the frame and 3 ft. of flat bar for the blade.”
  See a video of the ripper in action at www.farmshow.com.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Connor Bishop, 400 Moose Hill Rd., Guilford, Ct. 06437 (ph 203 313-5362; themadmailler@yahoo.com).

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