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Fence Controller First Of Its Kind
They're calling it "The fence controller with a brain - the first and only one of its kind on the market.

Unlike ordinary fence controllers which keep the line charged continuously, the new Sens-O-Matic, developed and manufactured by The Tomann-Wagg Co., Albert City, Iowa, is completely at rest until an animal touches it. The "brain" immediately responds by sending out a shock and continues shocking until the animal is off the fence.

"Because it's completely at rest most of the time, there is scarcely any wear or tear on the unit and operating costs are reduced considerably," says Jim Weems of the Weems Group, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, national marketer of the Sens-O-Matic. "Animals, being creatures of habit, soon learn to respect the electric fence and, before you know it, you'll be operating at up to 100% saving compared to ordinary fence systems."

Scattered weeds growing up to touch the fence don't bother the Sens-O-Matic, says Weems. "They don't offer enough resistance to trigger the unit's brain. When an animal touches the fence, it shocks right through the weeds. Because the unit doesn't activate to 'chop' weeds as

they grow tall enough to touch the fence, it poses less danger of fire than conventional systems."

'A switch on the Sens-O-Matic allows it to be operated automatically (no shock until the fence is touched) or manually like a conventional charger (one shock every second).

Suggested retail is $64.95. Currently available in a 100V. electric model. A battery model will be introduced late this year or early next.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, the Weems Group, 411 First Ave. S.E., First Ave. Bldg., Suite 201, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401, (ph. 319 365-5244).

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