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Nigora Goats Have Great Fleece, Good Milk
Cross a purebred Angora Fiber Goat (known for its excellent fleece) with a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat (known for its milk) and the offspring are Nigora Goats, an elegant and practical breed for small farmers and hobbyists. When Nigora goats reach 2 1/2 years old, the owner/breeder is able to certify the animal as purebred and start their own herd.
  “I really enjoy the fact they produce outstanding fiber and are very good milking animals at the same time,” says Patricia Chambers, one of the directors of the Nigora Goat Society. “When I first saw pictures of these animals they looked like they belonged in a painting or sculpture because they were so dainty and beautiful,” Chambers says.” Although she didn’t purchase any of the animals for her own, she did breed her own Nigoras by crossing a white Angora doe with a Nigerian buck. They sold all the kids they produced for a few years until rearing an offspring they called Giselle, who they still own today. She is an outstanding milking goat and produces excellent fleece.
  “Giselle has a Type B fiber that’s big, fluffy and amazingly soft,” says Chambers. Other offspring they’ve produced have soft and fine mohair-type coats or slightly coarse mohair that has a natural wave, high luster and is very soft to the touch.
  Chambers says Nigora goats can produce three different types of fibers, all of which take dye well, are durable, and will shed out well if the animal isn’t sheared. The animals, she says, are gentle and affectionate, but can display flighty characteristics. It’s important to bond with them from birth by bottle feeding within a day after birth.
  “I think the Nigora is an adaptable designer goat for a small, self-sustainable homestead,” says Chambers. “The animals are easy to care for, great around children, and produce excellent milk and fleece that has good marketability.”   
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Patricia Chambers, Nigora Goat Breeders Society (ph 815 323-4209; heck6100@t6b.com).

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