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3 Pt. Lift Easily Moves Deere Cutterhead
“Removing the cutterhead on our 6000 Series Deere Forage Harvester is one of the toughest jobs on our farm,” says Iowa custom harvester Virgil Poock. “We made it a lot easier when we built a simple stand with a 3 pt. hitch adapter so a tractor can move it anywhere.”

    Before that Poock used to drive his machine to the local dealership to have them remove the cutterhead. “I tried to remove it a few times myself before we made the stand,” says Poock, “but the part weighs more than 3,000 lbs, so it’s not something one person can or should try to move.”

Poock and his son Travis came up with the simple stand that fits under the cutterhead without having the corn or hay head hooked up. They used 4 by 6-in. steel tubing for the main beams. Then they welded 2 by 3-in. tubing to the beams, which hook up to the front of the cutterhead with a steel shaft that runs through two existing holes in the cutterhead. Two bottle jacks are used under the back of the cutterhead to hold it upright. With this device in place, a corn or hay head doesn’t have to be on the cutterhead to take it off the machine. Poock says that without the head on a person can very easily work on the cutterhead. Virgil tried to move the cutterhead with his skid loader but found out it wouldn’t lift it. With the cutterhead sitting in the middle of the shop, they had to figure out a way to move it.

The Poocks owned a 6000 to 5000 series head adapter that came with a Kemper head, but they’d never used it. “It’s a good thing that Dad never throws anything out, because that’s what we used to move the cutterhead,” says son Travis. Poock says the adapter just bolted to the cutterhead, so all they had to do was modify it to a 3-pt. hook up that fits their tractor. Now they can move the cutterhead anywhere they need to with the tractor.

Poock says everything they used for this project was in the scrap pile, so all the device cost them was 3 hrs. of labor. He says if they had had to buy new steel it probably would have cost them $500 in material alone.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Virgil Poock, 1044 Whitetail Ave., Sumner, Iowa 50674 (ph 563 578-8283; poockcustomchopping@yahoo.com).

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