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Bale Feeder Features Retractable Netting
“There’s virtually no waste, bales last about twice as long, and time is saved because you don’t have to put bales out as often,” says Delton Jubinville about the patent-pending new HayBoss Feeder™.
The galvanized metal frame is fitted with retractable, 3/16-in. thick polypropylene nets. The vertically-suspended nets are on self-tensioned, spring-loaded rollers and form a cradle to snugly hold the feed and prevent waste.
  The bales are held on adjustable-height platforms off the ground, keeping them clean, dry and contained. Three models are available.
The “Junior” model holds up to eight small square bales, the “Standard” model holds any size round bale or up to 16 small square bales, and the “Hay Boss XL” holds one large rectangular bale or can be loaded with as many as 20 small square bales. All units have a hinged roof for ease of loading.
Brothers and partners Delton and Clayton Jubinville credit their father, Len with the idea for Hayboss Feeders.
The netting feature prevents animals from engorging and instead causes their behavior to mimic grazing. Particularly with horses, this also drastically reduces herd aggression, boredom vices and injuries. Because the animals can’t push their noses into the hay, respiratory problems, ulcers, colic, obesity and laminitis are reduced.        “This is a revolutionary, no-waste, fully-adjustable way to provide animals of any size with their forage,” says Delton. “There’s simply no healthier, more efficient way to feed your stock; it’s hands-down the best bang for your buck on the market today.”
  The Junior model costs $1,595 (Can.) (plus S&H) while both the Standard and XL models are priced at $2,195 (Can.) (plus S&H). Nets can be ordered with 2-in. squares, or for an additional $100 you can purchase the 1 1/2-in.squares. The units are shipped compactly, and assemble quickly and easily.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, HayBoss Feeders, 57312, RR 255, Sturgeon County,
Alberta, Canada T0G 1L1 (ph 844 429-2677 or 780-213-2053; delton@haybossfeeders.

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