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New Wood Fuel Moisture Tester
New for "anyone who buys or sells wood for fuel" is the Triton 4, a portable moisture tester that tells you when logs are dry and "ripe" for burning in your stove, furnace, or fireplace.
"For those who buy their firewood, a few quick tests will tell whether green or well-seasoned wood is being purchased. For those who sell firewood, the gauge will help in segregating dry, damp and wet stock," says J. R. Dennis, manager of Valley Products, Milford, Pa., manufacturer of the wood fuel moisture gauge.
In winter, the best time to cut firewood, the Triton 4 can be used to distinguish live trees from dead trees after all the leaves have fallen off.
The manufacturer notes that "air dried firewood, depending on the species, can produce from 15 to 50% more total heat than a similar quantity of green wood. Dry wood produces much less creosote buildup in the chimneys and thereby reduces the possibility of dangerous chimney fires. With the Triton, there is no question in deciding which logs should be burned and which should be left for further seasoning."
Cost of the instrument alone is $39.95 (it can be used with common nails driven into the world to serve as contacts for the probes). The instrument, complete with probes and hardened steel nails and a self-contained sliding hammer, is $64.95. Carrying cases are $7, for the instrument only, and $10 for the instrument and probe. Dealer inquiries welcome.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Valley Products and Design, Inc., J. R. Dennis, manager, Box 396, Milford, Pa. 18337 (ph 717-296-8009).

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